Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Supllies Me Class

I have been working on the Supplies Me Class by Jane Davenport  It is a great class.  We are learning to draw faces and bodies...she is an amazing teacher.  Here is some of my work...

This was my first assignment.  We did a layered background and then drew on top of that.

The next lesson was learning to draw faces in different shapes.  

This next lesson was learning to draw backs and "booties", and also the bottoms of feet.

I need to add backgrounds to the next 2.

 Thanks for hopping by:)


  1. Wow Jean ~ you are an artist at heart...
    Now you can draw your own digis and have your own little store in your blog....... What talent....
    great job!

  2. Great job in Jane class!!! I love Jane and really enjoyed her class! Thanks for coming over for a blog visit! Enjoyed seeing you!