Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy Bee...

I have just been creating and creating and that puts me in my happy place:)

Here's what I was working on this weekend...

This first one is my 1st every mandala...learned about this from a fellow Color Lovely Linda Rapchak, who is an amazing artist and art teacher.  These are so fun to do.  You draw a series of circles, divide them into a 8 piece pie (who doesn't love pie) and then fill in the spaces and color.  

This is for my Supplies Me  Class by Jane Davenport. It's the background  and below it is my finished page.

The last one is a 4x4 canvas and the start of my Scripture Canvas series.  My poppies are made with my fingers ala Donna Downey:)

 Thanks for hopping by:)

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