Thursday, September 15, 2011

Braggin Time Again

So what can I say....I am one proud Momma Bear;)  Here is some more of my son's artwork.  I just have to share it with the world....

These 3 were one's he did for his art class.  The last one was one where he had to copy a famous painting.  The next ones are ones he did this summer.  There are more but I will save them for my next "Braggin Binge". 

Thanks for letting me brag;)


  1. Congrats Jean~
    You have one artist in your family.. They are all unique and beautiful.. Who wouldn't be a proud momma bear, or even a proud peacock....Great job!
    Have a happy dance day....

  2. one of the great things about being a mom is being able to exercise our bragging rights! your son is quite an accomplished artist.....thanks for showing his work! have a great weekend! :))