Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh no....I am Obsessed with Twilight

I have been reading the Twilight Series and I am totally obsessed!! I bought the first book with the intention of reading it on the plane, well........I am now almost finished with the 2nd book and will hopefully save at least the 4th book for the plane, but I cannot promise. I know I am not alone in my obsession because some of the "dog park ladies" have been telling me how good they were for months. I just really wasn't that interested in vampires.......until I started reading. I am not sure I am really interested in vampires in general I think it is just the characters in Twilight that have me hooked. If you haven't checked it out you really should. It will nab you and then suck you right in;)

I rented the movie the other day and watched it twice!!! They did a great job of translating the book to a movie. It looked like what I saw while reading. I think I need to buy the movie so that I can watch it again and again. I am HOOKED!

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  1. I loved all four books. My favorite was the last one - Breaking Dawn. It was interesting to read right after having James. I read them as I was breastfeeding him. There is also Midnight Sun - first book written in Edward's perspective rather than Bella's. It was leaked before Meyer could finish which made her really upset so she said she is not going to finish it. Yes, it's so addicting. I totally agree. It's one of the reasons I was not able to finish my Christmas projects.