Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Back:)

I began this blog hoping that I would keep it current and as you can tell I did not! So, I am going to start off fresh and I anticipate keeping it up to date. So here we go again;)

I have been working on some projects for me. My son, David and I are going on a "Road Trip". Our adventure begins on May 21st when we leave to fly into Seattle arriving at 10:30 PM. We will stay there for 2 days seeing as much as we can. Then we are off to Portland, OR for 2 days and then up to Spokane, WA with our final destination being Bozeman, MT to visit family. We are fortunate enough to have gotten a room at the 5 star Mueller Chateau!!!! We are very, very, did I say VERY excited about our adventure. We are counting the days until we leave (43 days left). Here is a picture of my Travel Journal I made to keep track of the Where, What and Whens of our trip.

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