Monday, June 11, 2012

I've been busy...

Creating....I was a shut in this weekend....oh joy pure joy to spend the weekend creating.  Here is some of the things I was working on;
These are from the Letter Love 101 Class:

Lettering takes practice, but I am having so much fun trying to find my style.  i have 2 journals, one for practice and one for real..I find that my practice journal turns out better than the real one..probably because I am trying not to mess up!

 Here's my finished letter sampler from the class I took in CA.  I am going to mount it on a board and hang in it in my space.
Thanks for hopping by:)

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  1. Jeannie.
    You are quite an artist. I love them. It make me want to take art classes. Maybe I should do something creative tonight. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.