Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Inner Artist

So, I am trying to uncover my inner artist..I know she is in there somewhere;)
I have been taking some online art classes and I just wanted to share some of my "art".

I am currently taking a class called Supplies Me taught by Jane Davenport.  I am just getting started, but here's my first attempt at drawing faces in 3 different shapes.  Remember this is just a practice sheet I did while watching her video.  I have to admit I am totally in awe of how simple it is to draw a face when given the proper instructions and breaking it down into sections. 

 Jane is such a joyful person and her teaching style is so encouraging and fun, she makes you believe that you can draw!  Now I have to break out my colored pencils and get to work on making my girls pretty and practice. practice , practice:)

Thanks for hopping by..now get out there and CREATE;)

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