Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Got Mail

WooHoo..I have started receiving my swaps from the International Mixed Media Postcard Swap.  I just have to share the amazing pieces of art I have received so far. 
This one was made by Jenna Kannas.  I love the the bright cheerful colors and she encased it in a plastice clever. I have not cut open the envelope yet..I am hesitant to open the picture really does not so how pretty this is..I will have to get another picture when I open it.  It says "May your dreams be BIG and VIBRANT!"  Love it!!!
Here it is "unwrapped" It was hard to cut that cute envelope open but I did it carefully so I can put it back in;)  It is glittery so the picture still has somewhat of a will just have to come and see it in person! 

This card was made by Cindy McMath.  Another amazing colorful card.  I love the saying "Strange is beautiful"...I totally agree;)

This card was made by Marie Z. Johansen.  The detail on this card is amazing and the saying is another winner in my book  "We are all just a little cracked"

Thank you ladies...I am in awe of your talent!!!!  I am so thankful I entered this swap. I will post more when I receive them.

Thanks for hopping by:) 


  1. Wow! You've received some beautiful cards! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


  2. Hi Jean!
    Thank you SO much for letting me know that you had received a card! I too received one from Cindy - and it's funny that you got both "head" cards!
    Thanks for being a part of this swap - I sure have enjoyed it !

  3. Hi Jean!
    Glad you liked my postcard! I have just received a few so far, looking forward to getting the rest. I love doing swaps, you never know what you're going to find in your mailbox!

  4. I love them all but the last two (with the heads on them)are really interesting!!! Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I have gotten 8 so far and mine are going out as we speak (so to This was my first swap and I look forward to doing more!!!

  5. Hi Jean, thanks for your note on my blog - so glad you enjoyed my card! How funny that you received phrenology head cards.

    I have received two returns from the swap so far and looking forward to the rest soon.


    Cindy :)

  6. your mailbox must be jumping for joy! these are fabulous!! xoxo