Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in the Groove

I am trying to get back in the groove after my GREAT vacation. My son, David and I had the best time. We took over a 1000 pictures and drove 3683 miles! We saw so many beautiful place and got to hang out with family, some of whom we were meeting for the first time. While in Seattle we had beautiful weather (sunny, no clouds..not a one and pleasant temperatures). We were looking for cloudy cool weather but the clear weather made for great pictures. We could see the Cascade, Rainier, and Olympic mountains. It was a little strange for us islanders to be surrounded by mountains, especially since Pugent Sound looks like the ocean! Here are some pictures we took while there.

David has decided that Seattle is his city and his goal now is to get back there as soon as possible. This leaves my husband and I with missed feelings, we are thrilled to see that he is ready to leave the nest, but we are so sad to see him go!

While in Montana we got to experience warm sunny days when we first arrived, so I started praying for some snow and by the following Saturday we had snow! My cousin Kerrie had come to visit us in Bozeman and we were out doing what girls do...SHOPPING..when my Aunt Jan got a call from Uncle Hank saying it was snowing at home. I went out of Walmart to get the car and there were wet snowflakes falling..I was THRILLED, but unfortunatley I did not have my camera (still can't believe I left it at home) and by the time we got home it had stopped but I did get pictures of the snow on the ground. Mind you it was not a lot of snow and I really could have gone for some more but I was still thrilled. I was like a kid and Aunt Jan and Kerrie kept telling people...who were complaining... it was my fault it was snowing.
My son was in Cody WY with his friend and I tried calling to let him know what he was missing and could not get through. Come to find out they had snow too so all was well with us McNulty's. You gotta love the weather in is so extreme. Here's some snow pictures. It was so pretty when it was coming down.
I am glad to be home but am having a hard time getting back into the every day routine. Need to jump start the vacation brain and get back into the groove.