Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday.....yeah

Don't you just love Friday's. I sure do. This weekend is my scrappin weekend. I meet with a group of friends once a month to scrap, yak and of course EAT. It is a real treat for me and I really feel like a new woman when I leave. All destressed and happy. Thanks to all my fellow cult members for making me a "Happy Scrapper" Love you gals.

34 days and counting until my son and I fly away!!!! We are so stinkin excited. Here is one of the pictures from my Aunt Jan and Uncle Hank of the snow they got on 4/15/09.

Isn't it beautiful? Last year they got snow in June and David and I are hoping maybe they will some again this June so we can experience it. Being from Hawaii we will probably FREEZE:) Just hope it doesn't snow while we are driving there.....we do not know how to drive in snow:0

Have a great Friday and of course a creative fun weekend.

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